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Planning your dive can sometimes be tricky with the tables. DiveMax is an app for your phone, tablet and PC that you may find useful.  (Android and Apple – it will not ask for access to your personal data etc.)

DiveMax Air and DiveMax Nitrox  (based on the Buhlmann algorithims, which are used world wide in almost all PDC’s and tables).

This is an incredibly simple, award winning, dive planner that is a very cheap app for your phone, tablet and a free version for your PC (look under the tab ‘For Instructors’). It is not a chart, but an adjustable visual display of the dive profile.  SIT times, day, AM/PM/, metric/imperial can all be altered at will and it also displays the earliest time to fly after the days diving etc.  Green profile means go, yellow profile means go with caution (you are near the limits) and red means do not dive.  You can set as many profiles as you like. To find the maximum dive/depth time allowable on that dive profile simply double tap the diver. You can also take a snap shot of the screen for future reference.  This app was submitted to DAN and it was at their suggestion that the flight time was included.  It will plan dives to a maximum depth of 35m.

To plan the dive/profile simply press and hold the diver and drag him around the screen – the app does the rest.

Here’s the URL: http://divemax.com/

Ad free.

Here’s a screen shot:

Divemaxx screenshot

SPECIAL NOTE:  If you are planning to take your phone out on a boat/dive, it may be wise to consider housing it in a water proof pouch.  They cost about $10.00 (less for cheaper ones) and you can still use all the features of your phone (generally not finger print scanning), in the comforting knowledge that your phone is protected from the moisture.  These pouches will also allow you to take your phone underwater (think camera) to a depth of about 10m.  Of course there are also water and shockproof cases available for most phones also.

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