Redland Sport Divers

If you are looking for a group of keen divers to team up with for fun and safe diving.
Based in South East Queensland we dive on sites from the HMAS Brisbane on the sunshine coast to the Tweed River on the Gold Coast. Drift dives along the Gold Coast Seaway and "Clean Up" dives on Stradbroke Island. Contact us for more information on organised diving and training.

Who Are We?

Redland Sport Divers

We are a growing club who are passionate about the underwater sports and the wide variety of activities that are available.

Based at the Redlands, Queensland in Australia, we are open to new members to help expand our community and provide a fun and safe environment for our sport.

We have instructors for those wishing to begin SCUBA diving and our contacts through the Australian Underwater Federation (AUF) provide for underwater pool sports like hockey and rugby.

Fill out the contact page below and meet with us to help with awareness and getting out there for a great time.


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DIve Sites

Some of our favourite dive sites.

Cherubs Cave

Cherubs cave is located a bit over half way up Moreton Island. Legend has it...

The Pinnacle – Boat Rock

The Pinnacle – Boat Rock The Pinnacle – Boat Rock – Redland Sport Divers. Harvie...

Shag Rock

Shag Rock is our favourite spot to bring the new people. It is only about...

Manta Bommies

Manta Bommies is just off Point Lookout on Stradbroke Island. Here during the Manta season,...

RSD Provides for Our Members

Redland Sport Divers is across the main underwater sports. SCUBA, Underwater Hockey, Underwater Rugby and Freediving.

Redland Sport Divers Diver exploring HMAS Brisbane Wreck swimming between decks
SCUBA Diving

SCUBA diving is a very popular sport and is RSD’s core sport initiative.

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Underwater Hockey
Underwater Hockey

Underwater hockey is a great sport for those who are advancing into freediving and Apnea activities.  Your breath hold ability will be tested and under

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Freediving or Apnea diving is a very popular sport being such a low budget way of exploring the ocean. RSD provides opportunities for the freediver

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Contact Us

Contact Us Now

Ask here for club membership details and info about our club, the AUF and CMAS. We can provide information for these agencies and more.

Please fill in the contact form for us to contact you.

….go on, don’t be afraid…

The Eureka Centre,
29 Moreton Bay Rd
Capalaba Queensland. Australia

[email protected]

What’s Happening at RSD
Here is the calendar of scheduled events that are on for RSD.
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